Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Photo frames with Krishna theme

Sorry, I have been busy with the construction of our studio.  I haven't got any time to  post anything for the last month or so.  Here is one of the photo frames I had done in the meantime.

This one was quite a challenge and I really enjoyed designing this one.  While the inner photo was of the standard size, the outer frame was not standard.

The line drawing of the Krishna was given by the customer.  The image was smaller and I had to enlarge it to fit the width of the frame.  The challenge was maintaining the relative size and distance of the lines intact.  A little deviation and the Krishna would not look good.  The frame size is cut just so that the end of the flute sticks out of the frame.

The peacock feather was easy to design, but took considerable time in preparing.

This is another frame with Krishna and Rahda's with parijata flowers.  Again, I had to maintain the line drawing thickness, length and relative position.

The customer wanted a frame for a child's picture.  This one gives a impression that a naughty baby Krishna just left the building...

I just loved working on this theme.  It was challenging both for designing and working.

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