Monday, 26 November 2012

Custom Settlers of Catan Hexes

I made this custom Hexes for Settlers of Catan game.  For those who don't know, Settlers of Catan is an amazing strategy game developed by Klaus Teuber.  See for more info on this game.

Here are some pictures of the Hexes.  I also made some smaller sized 'number' tokens so that the design on the hexes get more space.  One of the primary requirement of the customer was that the hexes must take some rough handling and must be stackable.  So I had to limit the design to 2D.  Yes, I would have loved to do some 3D quilled design here.  But I understand,  "rough handling" is a must requirement for game cards.  Another requirement was that it must be usable with the existing game tiles.  So, the size must match perfectly.

The cards are cut by hand and then painted in Acrylic.  And then the quilled design.  If you notice in the tiles in the first picture, each tile is unique!  Even for the  same type!!

I loved working on this.  I hope I get to do more such projects.
All custom tiles arranged in the existing border tiles

Desert tile.  With 'robber' from the original game

Forest tile.  See the custom number tokens.

Fields tile

Hill tile

Pastures tile

Mountain Tile

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