Sunday, 24 March 2013

New Logo

We have a new logo!!

When I started I wanted a logo for my website and visiting cards.  I was new and, honestly, I wasn't sure if I would reach the stage I am at now!  So I drew a design by hand on a piece of paper:
I printed these on cardstock at home and cut it into visiting card sizes.

When I saw that I was growing, I scanned the drawing and converted into a logo.  Well, I just converted the rough lines to smooth lines :).  And added some colours.

This year has been exceptionally good.  Thanks for all the support.  So, I decided to have a new logo designed by a professional.  I am very much thrilled with the new logo!! I got new cards, banners and rest of the stationery.  I also got new boxes designed for my earrings and necklace sets.  I'm loving the new boxes and I'm sure you'll love them too, just like my work :).


  1. beautiful design. Can u tell me what paper to use for making cards? your designer envelopes are beautiful too. what paper did you use?

    1. Thanks!! the designer envelopes are made out of handmade paper and baatik paper. they are hand cut and made!!


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